Do U Love You - CD

Do U Love You - CD

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In an existence of great mystery, there are some questions that can only be pacified from within.  This collective ensemble merges a tapestry of experiences, sounds, rhythms and vocal approaches to form an unbiased and unified journey into the question, "Do You Love You?"  There are many styles on this album (World, Rock, Reggae, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, New Age, Native American, and African) that represent the diverse explorations of the group.  Preconceptions of genre were put aside to make way for the freedom we find when coming from an inclusive perspective.  Enjoy the inspiration and magic in being true to oneself, found here on "Do You Love You."

From all genres, all angles, all backgrounds, all cultures, all moods... we weave the common thread through the tapestry of diversity.

Join the Inclusive Rhythm Foundation on a journey...a journey on the wave of the inclusive rhythm. 

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